I am a freelance writer that contributes to more than one publication on various topics, from beauty to tech and gadgets, personal development and finance.

MADame.exposed is my new project, a soul corner, wish-list keeper and circus launcher of words & personal experience that needed a place to vent.

I’ll be covering all the hot dating & relationship topics, beauty trends, romantic advice, how to guides and more, so join the conversation!

Empowering women, while giving guys a glimpse into the real insight into a woman’s heart & mind. Nothing remains unsaid!


I think. I feel. I write.

With a love for all things creative, I hope to inspire you to improve and become the best version of yourself, embrace change and create a life you don’t need a vacation from.


Favorite brands, tips & tricks and gift guides


Breakups, holy singleness, dating tips and relationship goals


Destinations, recommendations, and soulful experiences


Your overachiever alter ego will get a kick out of the personal growth hacks I’ve lined up for you

About me

Marketing specialist by day, blogger enthusiast by night!

I’ve made it my life goal to share lessons, life advice and stories that help others find their true North and live life to the fullest. Small town girl with big dreams!

Law School graduate that turned to the advertising industry to quench my thirst for creativity, I have more than 8 years of online marketing and blogging stories to share with you.

You can also find my work on Quora & Medium. Say Hi on Instagram and follow me there for a closer look at my daily activities and passions.


Enthusiasm in check whenever a self-development or relationship topic arises.

Having daily issues with taming my hair, working up early in the morning, tolerating low standards and toxic people. 

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Dating & Relationships
Waking up early

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