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corporate life

Here are some lessons about corporate life I’ve gathered along the years. They’ll make you successful & keep you sane. Check out the complete guide on surviving corporate!


Look for the corporate unicorns. Knowing how to spot a real leader from a phony can save you a lot of time and mind-share. Look for authentic leadership qualities, pay attention to details, reactions and the real intent behind their actions.

daredevil in disguise

How you tend to your career or even your appearance might give up the fact that you are a daredevil in disguise. “Courage is grace under pressure” according to E. Hemingway, and we constantly need to remember that both grace and pressure come in different shapes and sizes, and so does courage.

the smart girl's guide to singleness

This smart girl’s guide to singleness is designed to give you an extra purpose to your daily activities, keep you busy and grateful.
Breakups are never easy, not even when it’s the right thing to do or the very best thing for both your present and future self, but you still have to go through it all: the missing part, the anger, the self-doubt, the late night texting desire, the obsessive-compulsive need to remember all the bad things.

For every bad thing you must find at least 5 good things that happened after. The first couple of things might come easy, but the tricky part is to go deeper and find out more. That is where the real process begins. In my case, I found myself not being able to stop, and writing down so many things, making connections, uncovering the truth and revealing the fears.

I am writing this because I need to read it, I need to hear & breath it every day. Also, I’ve set a deadline for this.
So, if there is no one else telling you this, listen carefully:

Stop empowering your fears, today!

That little voice that appears you before applying to a job, before asking for a promotion, before dialing his number, joining a course, starting a new challenge, sticking to a diet, taking the plunge, living the dream or changing it, is not the real you if the only thing it is saying for such a long time is: you can’t do it!

Talk about befriending the enemy

It is just fear, and you’ve let is be your BFF for far too long! That is why it has opinions on what you do, what you wear, how you talk, makes choices on your behalf and shows up, in your life, before you do.
Instead of a New Year wish or to do list/goals/resolution, just decide to do one simple, yet life changing thing, starting from today: let go of the fear. Many have said it more gracefully before me, but I feel the need to hear it more often, maybe you do too: love and fear cannot coexist, it’s either one or the other. There is no good or bad, right or wrong, there is only love or fear, in all aspects of our lives, we just have different words for them, in our effort to rationalize everything.

Fear of soulful heights anyone?

Maybe this blog may be about fear of heights. Fear of what you can achieve if you had no fear. Fear that brings you down. Fear of the person you could be in the absence of it, of what you could do, try, feel, live if there was no fear. Fear of greatness, fear of social, professional, soulful heights.

Fear of ____ heights. It’s your job to fill in the blank and to fight it, fearlessly.