10 things all guys should do on a first date

First dates are just like ordering at a new Indian restaurant not knowing exactly how much spice you’re going to get or if you’ll ever go there again. It can get really messy or super delicious if you know what I mean. Since most men don’t have a clue of what women expect in general, here are 10 things every guy should do on a first date.

the smart girl's guide to singleness

This smart girl’s guide to singleness is designed to give you an extra purpose to your daily activities, keep you busy and grateful.
Breakups are never easy, not even when it’s the right thing to do or the very best thing for both your present and future self, but you still have to go through it all: the missing part, the anger, the self-doubt, the late night texting desire, the obsessive-compulsive need to remember all the bad things.

There comes a time in every online marketer’s life when the 105476 ads in one account are simply, not enough anymore, when all of a sudden, the minutes per $2 are not smiling at you and the conversions data needs holy water, a bunny out of hat and some lemon juice sprinkled on top of it, so you can bear to see the sight of it.

The moment when it hits you, is the same with the one you see the competition’s ad with the cat cheering for you to be more dog.

If greatness is involved, then it’s clear you have to prove that the percent of brain you actually use is higher than your CTR.

When in Doubt, Ask the Old You

It’s all coming back to you now, like a soundtrack from the 90s, all the sparks of genius are here to remind you of the soulful, spirited and ssssmocking version of yourself. Yes, it was you who made quite an impression with your kindergarten fingerpainting, who rocked that 2nd-grade poem and who was voted “most likely to drive a cool car” in high school.

A new challenge comes along, just begging for your touch and, of course, you go for the big idea; thus, the magic begins, now that you know that you made it possible in the past.

Best Practices on How Not Do It

Since you are a marketer or a businessman, it is impossible to think outside of a document – FYI, the well-known muggle phrase “think outside of the box” does not apply to SPECIALists and is highly offensive in the marketing circles.

When stuck, the corporate life cliches will always have a best practice of actions, that may look a bit like this:

  1. Start with the most specific & detailed research to see exactly how others did it wrong.
  2. Make a sneaky, elaborate and highly segmented plan to which you will never turn to again.
  3. Set up a bunch of meetings and twist everybody’s hand to join and help with the creative process.
  4. Disregard all great ideas that did not come from you.
  5. Raise an eyebrow & stare people down with your eyesight
  6. Combine excessive complain with hand gestures
  7. Return to the first idea that you marked as useless
  8. Make the ad copy rhyme
  9. Take credit for it
  10. Send Mail & set it live

Grind It Like It’s Hot

All jokes aside, after a lot of work and really great ideas, the end result will not always perform as you have imagined it in your head.

So, before you take some time to thank your mom and all those who believed in you, remember you have to grind it out, sweat the details, and actually do the work. No matter the business, the obstacles, the change of plan, the huff and puffs along the way, the beat down version of yourself that would love a “Keep Calm & Screw Em All” T-shirt, there is no magic formula for success, not matter what any article says.

Grinding out is not sexy, hot, fun, but what comes out of it may very well be. Blood, sweat & tears, as 80s as it may sound, might just be the path to making it, since success, just like anything else in life, will not come overnight. Happiness, fulfillment, ambition and even faith need to be trained, worked on, constantly. So start working on them today!