become more attractive to women

Learn how to become more attractive to women! Read all about the key rules for men when it comes to getting more attention from the ladies.


Find out what you’re doing wrong and how to up your dating game so you won’t end up friend-zoned again! Reasons & action plan for every situation!

things men do that make women lose interest

The most common things men do that make women lose interests have to do with taking things for granted and not working on being the best possible version of themselves. Women do it too, but below you’ll find the particular twists men add to table in regards to these very simple, yet crucial behaviors in a relationship.

corporate life

Here are some lessons about corporate life I’ve gathered along the years. They’ll make you successful & keep you sane. Check out the complete guide on surviving corporate!

dating an engineer

Dating an engineer? This is just up your alley! While we love their restless minds and logical approach to everything, there are a few things you need to know about how engineers wheels are turning when it comes to relationships. Check out the cheatsheet!

best beauty products

Life changing beauty products – tried & loved by When I say the best beauty products I mean insanely awesome brands & potions that actually do what they promise, and that will change your day, improve your skin and confidence!

Seductive fragrances for Men that drive Women crazy

Check out my list of the most seductive men fragrances that drive women crazy and make them remember you all day long. Women love these colognes on men more than they love wearing your shirt the day after!

When talking about giving a public speech that can bring the house down, we can all learn from the best, right? Here’s how to deliver a speech like Oprah.

What to get her for xmas: the buying guide for clueless caring guys

It doesn’t matter how much you love her, for how many years you’ve been together, how much you already know about her, when it comes to gift buying, you are back to square one: panic mode.
This guide of best gifts for her is here to help you guys out, but also, your poor ladies that do not want to find a memory stick under their tree once again.

how to make the first move

So, whether you’re an old-school type of guy or you have embraced the swiping trend, you’ll at least have a starting point in the last unrevealed mystery of the century: how to properly approach a woman in order to stand a chance and not come off as a creep.