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Life changing beauty products – tried & loved by When I say the best beauty products I mean insanely awesome brands & potions that actually do what they promise, and that will change your day, improve your skin and confidence!

Seductive fragrances for Men that drive Women crazy

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What to get her for xmas: the buying guide for clueless caring guys

It doesn’t matter how much you love her, for how many years you’ve been together, how much you already know about her, when it comes to gift buying, you are back to square one: panic mode.
This guide of best gifts for her is here to help you guys out, but also, your poor ladies that do not want to find a memory stick under their tree once again.

how to make the first move

So, whether you’re an old-school type of guy or you have embraced the swiping trend, you’ll at least have a starting point in the last unrevealed mystery of the century: how to properly approach a woman in order to stand a chance and not come off as a creep.

10 things all guys should do on a first date

First dates are just like ordering at a new Indian restaurant not knowing exactly how much spice you’re going to get or if you’ll ever go there again. It can get really messy or super delicious if you know what I mean. Since most men don’t have a clue of what women expect in general, here are 10 things every guy should do on a first date.

the smart girl's guide to singleness

This smart girl’s guide to singleness is designed to give you an extra purpose to your daily activities, keep you busy and grateful.
Breakups are never easy, not even when it’s the right thing to do or the very best thing for both your present and future self, but you still have to go through it all: the missing part, the anger, the self-doubt, the late night texting desire, the obsessive-compulsive need to remember all the bad things.

For every bad thing you must find at least 5 good things that happened after. The first couple of things might come easy, but the tricky part is to go deeper and find out more. That is where the real process begins. In my case, I found myself not being able to stop, and writing down so many things, making connections, uncovering the truth and revealing the fears.


If you’re always waiting for him to jump out of a bush, with a rose between the teeth while he’s doing the laundry, check to see if your expectations are in sync with reality.

I’ve been wanting to say this for so long, but I never could find the right words, so I just stopped looking for them. I know you forgave me then & there, but I still haven’t forgiven either of us. At least, there is some kind of peace between us, and I have a tranquillity that kept me going, that comforted and deceived me so many times, we became related.

My happiness comes calling for you

I need you to know that I miss you, constantly, quietly, and mostly when I am happy, never when I am sad, down, angry or bitter. I have mastered the art of being alone, not needing anything from anyone. I am independent and strong, always was, I like being by myself, I enjoy spending time on my own, I like it and I am proud of it. I don’t feel the need to fill up my schedule with people I don’t want to meet and conversations I don’t want to hear, I don’t want to spend my nights being someone else’s dream. This was long overdue since most of my younger years were spent with the wrong person out of sheer fear of being alone when the truth was I was fine all along. Maybe this is some kind of silver lining to losing us, maybe it’s just how things happened.

I never think of you when I have a bad day, when I am battling my own monsters, when I am at weddings without a date, when hearing our song, or when something sad happens. I deal with all of that and more, in the best possible way. I’ve learned to reach out, ask for help and open up about problems. I stand tall and am still as stubborn as you left me.

I miss you the most when I am happy and something great happens because I want to share it with you. A promotion, a compliment, a good day, a funny video, an awesome movie, a sunny afternoon, a book, a lazy Sunday, a good deed in traffic, a flower from a stranger or a cute doggie that crossed my path this morning…everything, anything was better with you.

I miss you laughing at my PJs and my morning hair, I miss having you around when I do my makeup in the mirror before going out. I miss being all dolled up, feeling like a million bucks, and having you there to tell me that, even if you’ve been waiting forever for me to get ready.

I never once wanted you there to stop my tears, but to catch my smiles

In my darkest times, I am the strongest, I’ve learned that the hard way, but even then, I talk to friends, myself & God. That keeps me pretty occupied. We often tell ourselves that though times are even harder when facing them alone, but that is not true. Though times are just as though, and the only way to get through them is to get trough them. I know by now, it’s ok not to be fine, not to have it together all the time, to be confused and hurting. Yet, I never once wanted you there to stop my tears, but to catch my smiles. Never needed you to pick me up from the floor, but to take me on to dance floor. I miss your silly moves.

I miss us laughing together, telling you the good news, or the good joke I just heard since you always had a better one ready. I don’t want you when I am tired, but when I am full of energy and making plans. I liked the possibility of us and all the possibilities that came along with that.

I’m still trying to make sense of everything that happened, still learning, still making mistakes, still growing…still loving and missing your love.