become more attractive to women

Learn how to become more attractive to women! Read all about the key rules for men when it comes to getting more attention from the ladies.


Find out what you’re doing wrong and how to up your dating game so you won’t end up friend-zoned again! Reasons & action plan for every situation!

things men do that make women lose interest

The most common things men do that make women lose interests have to do with taking things for granted and not working on being the best possible version of themselves. Women do it too, but below you’ll find the particular twists men add to table in regards to these very simple, yet crucial behaviors in a relationship.

corporate life

Here are some lessons about corporate life I’ve gathered along the years. They’ll make you successful & keep you sane. Check out the complete guide on surviving corporate!

how to break up gracefully

I’ve mastered the art of ending relationships badly. No pride in that. I’ve also managed to learn from past experiences and bad choices while finding my peace. Breakups are never easy. Not even when it’s the right thing to do. Here’s how to break up gracefully and end a relationship that is no longer fit for you.

make the most of your 20s

When thinking about my 20s and how I’ve spent them, the mistakes were the first to pop in mind. A smile followed. While the regrets vs lessons balance is definitely tilted in the right direction, here are some issues I’ve faced in my 20s.


Look for the corporate unicorns. Knowing how to spot a real leader from a phony can save you a lot of time and mind-share. Look for authentic leadership qualities, pay attention to details, reactions and the real intent behind their actions.

dating tips for shy guys

If you have a hard time talking to women, finding your words or the right icebreakers, take a look at this list with the best dating tips for shy guys and the action plan for every scenario. They are meant to help you see yourself differently and your shyness as a newfound quality you can leverage in the dating realm.

daredevil in disguise

How you tend to your career or even your appearance might give up the fact that you are a daredevil in disguise. “Courage is grace under pressure” according to E. Hemingway, and we constantly need to remember that both grace and pressure come in different shapes and sizes, and so does courage.

dating an engineer

Dating an engineer? This is just up your alley! While we love their restless minds and logical approach to everything, there are a few things you need to know about how engineers wheels are turning when it comes to relationships. Check out the cheatsheet!