become more attractive to women

How can I become more attractive to women?

Becoming a Master at attracting women sounds like a task for Mr. Miyagi.

There is no “wax on, wax off” daily technique that can miraculously turn to instinct when it comes to dating.

Sorry, Male-San, there is no magic recipe that will help you become more attractive to women. A lot of answers to this everlasting question of how can I become more attractive to women, include provocative images of young women or men surrounded by ladies, like the mere display of girls will take you a step closer. If that were true, porn addicts everywhere would be a smashing success at dates.

The human brain did not evolve much from Ancient times, it’s still trying to keep us surviving and reproducing. That is why most men talk about strategies, skill sets, and game plans in order to conquer women. They’re still preparing for war.

When it comes to becoming a more attractive person, I have but one piece of advice: keep it real.

Don’t try pick up lines, just for the sake of it. Women already hate them. Don’t reduce a lady to first thing you see when she walks by. “Hey, legs” is a not a proper way to get her attention.

Don’t act all cocky or macho, thinking that is what confidence means.

Don’t’ act tough, if you’re sensitive and kind-hearted.

Be true to yourself. That doesn’t mean you have to stop working on improving.

Attractive equals interesting. Turn your weirdness, shyness, quirks into strengths. Spark her interest by setting yourself apart. Here’s what you need to check in order to become more attractive to women and get the ladies’ attention:

  • Pay attention to your looks & grooming 

    • Your jaw dropped because of her flawless look, right? Why wouldn’t you catch her attention for this reason as well?
    • Let’s stop the double standard related to her loving you for your soul. You’re not there yet. First impressions matter and people will usually be drawn to their equals or to someone they look up to.
    • Don’t go crazy. Take care of your look, be polite and then impress her with everything you’ve got.
  • Learn to dance 

    • Sign up for some classes, watch tutorials on YouTube, do something to make you feel more at ease when it comes to dancing. Women love it.
    • It will help with your confidence, posture, and shyness.
    • Plus, at a dance class, you’ll be forced to dance with multiple partners, so when you have to invite someone to dance, asking her won’t be such a big deal.
  • Read more 

    • The number one thing that can help you gain instant appeal will be having interesting things to say. Not compliments, not pick up lines.
    • Your jokes, comebacks and even your words of appreciation will get better once you gather more stories, news, and topics to share.
  • Make her feel special 

    • Don’t be so self-centered, stop focusing on your sweaty palms and saying the right words. Focus on her.
    • Women don’t care about perfection. We care about how people make us feel. We fall in love with that.
    • Old school manners still work
    • Women don’t fall for the most impressive line of the night, but they’ll go out with the guy that made her feel like they had a connection. Made her feel at ease. Just like they have known each other for years.
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