things men do that make women lose interest

Things men do that make women lose interest

Most relationships are doomed from the beginning: men think they’ve finally found someone who loves them for who they are, women think they’re going to change.

The most common things men do that make women lose interests have to do with taking things for granted and not working on being the best possible version of themselves. Women do it too, but below you’ll find the particular twists men add to table in regards to these very simple, yet crucial behaviors in a relationship.

Taking things for granted

Men take things for granted.

Their relationships, the women beside them, the status quo.

Once they’re in that default state, they forget to fight for their girl, to show their feelings, to make an effort. Since they’re with you, it’s clear they love you, right? Wrong!

Don’t stop the chase or the courting process because you finally got to her. Now is the time to up your game, to make sure she has everything she’s bargained for.

A lot of men put the massive effort into the dating part of the relationship and after getting the girl, they go into autopilot. That’s a big throwback for women, it’s a sign they were played. They lose their trust and interest immediately since you can’t deliver what was advertised.

Men used to make mix tapes (how cute was that??), surprise ladies just because it’s Tuesday, and leave cute messages around the house. After moving in together, all of that stops.

If the only surprises you’re leaving her are in the laundry basket, think again!

Not focusing on their Self Improvement

Getting men out of their baggy jeans is nothing compared to making them commit. Promising to always improve and do better is the ultimate commitment, isn’t it?

Sorry, babe, I get it and I’ll do better next time” is the sexiest apology.

Women don’t want perfection.

We want consistency and willingness. To do different things, try new activities, see other opinions and ideas. Willingness to step up and be a man.

Take responsibility and be proactive.

If you’re finally doing the things your lady has been complaining about for years and want a prize for that, guess what? She won’t be impressed. Find out new things that you can bring to the relationship and make it happen. Initiative is the main turn on.

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