daredevil in disguise

10 Signs You’re a Daredevil in Disguise

When we think of courage, we automatically go to an image of a man fighting a bull, people jumping off cliffs and other mind blowing experiences that at reach for only 1% of us.

We admire those people, secretly wish we can be like them someday and then turn to ourselves with a sense of disappointment or even shame.

Yet courage has a personal, relative component we usually tend to disregard. “Courage is grace under pressure” according to E. Hemingway, and we constantly need to remember that both grace and pressure come in different shapes and sizes, and so does courage.

A courageous soul is firstly, a curious one and in our days, it takes guts even to be kind.

The little things, the ones that make you who you are, are the ones that tell you apart from others and disclose your adventurous side. How you tend to your career or even your appearance might give up some clues, so be sure to check the list below to find a whole new exciting part of you and remember, seeing yourself in a different way, that takes courage too!

1. You change your job once every 2 years

Research has shown that people who change their job more often are likely to be more driven and successful in their career. It basically means that you are a risk taker that chooses new opportunities over the false sense of comfort.

It also means that you are in control of your future growth, that you have a proactive mindset and are able to make fast decisions. While job-hopping can have some downtimes on the short-term, this fast-paced rhythm will shape a more fulfilling career path.

New beginnings are never easy, especially since a different job involves meeting new people, adapting to other situations, work environments, learning new skills. You’re literally reinventing yourself, knowing your value, reinstating it in new challenges and opportunities.

2. Showing emotions

There is power in vulnerability and most of all, in acknowledging the fact that emotions are part of who we are and of our entire human experience.

It’s what connects us to others, builds relationships and bonds beyond words.

Being able to express your joy, sorrow, weird quarks, sadness or your true north, without fear of what other people might think, is an absolute sign of a courageous and free spirit.

3. Speaking your truth

This goes hand in hand with showing your emotions, but it has one more key component: speaking your truth has to do with self-acceptance and standing up for yourself or others.

Being a bully is easy, but being the only one that has another friend’s back when needed, can be harder to do.

If you regularly find yourself being your own advocate, having a steady moral compass, standing up for your team members, negotiating for a better solution, congrats, that’s a bold move!

4. Personal style

Easily bored with your looks? Always spicing up your outfit or hairdo?

“Someone who is constantly changing her hair is either a natural chameleon”, as well as a daring person, always up to trying new things.

If you’ve always have been told that your style is one of a kind, be sure to take it as a compliment, a sign of creativity, confidence, and courage. In a time when everybody is eager to blend in or follow a trend in which everybody looks exactly the same, daring to be different is truly unique.

5. Decision making

Knowing that life doesn’t happen to us, but for us is game changer belief that will set you apart from most people. Successful people don’t waste a lot of mindshare for everyday decisions and when it comes to real forks in the road, they have a system that makes it easier.

Identifying opportunities, priorities and making a commitment one way or another is a sign of emotional maturity. You know the consequences, take on the responsibilities and decide to act.

Not making a decision is equal to living in fear, doubt, and uncertainty. Daredevils always like to be in control of their own actions, so fast decision-making skills come a long way.

6. Weirdness factor

All the things that make you “weird”, are also the ones that make you unique and guess what, more attractive! There also a sign of intelligence.  Sure, high-school might not have been the greatest time of your life, but now you can enjoy what being different can bring to your benefit.

People will be naturally attracted to you since you are never boring and always have a surprise lined up for them: a completely different point of view, a good joke, a new lesson to learn.

7. Adrenaline for coffee

If you love extreme sports, adventure in any shape it might come, whether it’s jumping off cliffs or on the roller coaster cart, it’s safe to say that you are a risk taker.

You are constantly pushing yourself towards the next thrill and giving other people goosebumps.

Much needed distinction: I’m not talking about the reckless, go with the flow people. Sensation-seekers are people who know what they’re getting into, do their research, know everything there is to know about the sport, train, prepare – they don’t have a death wish.  

8. Learning something new

Getting your driving license or learning how to ride a bike when you’re over a certain age, are signs of going out of your comfort zone and of a strong willpower. If you enrolled in college after 40, you definitely have all my admiration. A life of continuous learning is a life well lived.

It’s more than teaching a dog new tricks, it’s about putting yourself in new situations. Being the “new kid” in class is not so cute when you’re 50. But doing it anyway, despite all the obstacle, is remarkable.

9. Moved to another country

Regardless of the reason that stands behind your decision, it’s nevertheless an act of courage.

Leaving everything that is familiar to you, having a dream and a purpose in mind is an undoubted evidence that you look fear in the eye, but still go through with your plan. This one embodies almost everything from above: learning a new language, changing your job, getting out of your comfort zone, and so on.

10. Driving skills

This could be a talent, a developed skill or just awesome instincts, but It’s definitely a sexy daredevil quality.

It means that you are a hands-on kind of person, responsible and quite fun!

If you think of it, every action hero has a vehicle of choice, it’s part of the character and is infused with the idea of adrenaline, right doing and action!