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I don’t know about you, but I grew up reading bottle etiquettes, believing what they say is true, waiting to see the result and marvel at it like the lady in the TV ads. I also wanted to work in advertising and watching ads gave my creative mind a lot of joy and since I have great expectations in general, I ended up trying a whole lot of products, as you can imagine.

I was planning on doing an article on my essential, can’t live without beauty products and in the process, I’ve found out that my essentials make a pretty big list. In my defense, my skin & hair are not the easiest ones to please.

When I say good beauty products I mean insanely awesome brands & potions that actually do what they promise, and that will change your day, improve your skin and confidence!

Hair tamers

A good hair day never happens by accident.

My hair is the biggest time & energy consumer, hence these babies make my days better.

I recommend using a shampoo according to your hair type & needs, and I’ll always go for the professional lines for all the reasons in the world.

If nothing else, just to prolong the fresh out of the salon feeling, smell & mood.

My hair is the worst combination of fine, oily, no volume and no intention of improving! It’s long and blonde now, balayage & baby highlights, so add bleaching to the mix and you’ve got the picture.

The only way I can detangle it is by using this shampoo from CHI  and the Silk Infusion Treatment from the same brand. It was recommended by an awesome hairstylist and I’ve been using it religiously ever since. Every product from this brand is enriched with silk along with wheat and soy proteins, providing incredible softness, manageability and shine without build up.  A bottle of Silk Infusion can last you for an entire year and it’s pure magic! You can use in on wet or dry hair, even on greasy hair like my own!  

CHI review

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After washing it with shampoo, I religiously use this mask and it’s the holy grail of colored hair maintenance: Wella Professionals Brilliance Mask For Fine, Colored Hair.

Be sure to leave it on your hair for minimum 5 mins & strive for more if you have time on your hands. Since my hair is colored and long, the ends break easily and it’s a pain to comb it after.

Tip: put the mask on the lengths of your hair, not the scalp for no extra build up or hydration where you don’t need it.

Wella mask for fine colored hair

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For extra luxurious care, especially for damaged hair due to multiple bleaching & color, I strongly recommend using Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3. Apply it to damp hair, and wait at least 10 minutes, but I definitely advise a half of hour if you want to see the results. It was conceived to repair the broken bonds in the hair structure and return it to its natural state. If you ever had platinum blonde hair, you know what exactly what I’m talking about when I speak of damaged hair. It’s not a conditioner, it helps rebuild & revitalize hair that was too long abused by the straightening iron or bleach. Trust me, you’ll feel & fell in love with the silky smoothness of your new hair! I promise to do a piece only on this brand and the miracles achieved!

Olaplex Hair perfector no. 3 best beauty products

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Face, mind & mirror

I’ve always had some issues with my skin, that – you’ve guessed it – is combination skin with occasional breakouts and sensitivity.

That is why I’ve made the decision to only use the good stuff on my skin and turned to dermo-cosmetics a long time ago. A cheap or unfitted product applied directly on your skin can do more damage than good, so yes, I still read the labels.

I always follow the No. 1 rule of removing makeup at night and I am a believer in the holy trinity of skin care activities: clean – tone – hydrate accordingly.

When it comes to makeup, I apply the same philosophy and choose my brands carefully. Also, I love products that are multitasking, just like me. If you can have hydration and a glow, have an SPF & help fight breakouts throughout the day, I am into it!

After the morning cleanses with Cetaphil Cleansers Cleansing Emulsion For Normal To Oily Skin (the very best), I turn to the new toner I’m crazy about from The Ordinary – Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution. All vegan and cruelty-free, this gently exfoliates my skin due to the glycolic acid and gives it a natural glow, making all stubborn pores happy.

Cetaphil daily facial cleanser best beauty products

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The ordinary toner best beauty products

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I then tend to my eye area and treat it to Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. I use a bit and am very pleased with the texture, feel & results. It’s true that I have a more heavy duty night treatment, but this formula works just fine for a daily moisturizer for the eyes. I particularly like the fact that it keeps it hydrated all day long, even after concealers, setting powers and so on, they never stick to my fine lines after using this. I’ve actually ended up trying it after using a homemade mask for the eye with avocado and honey. I was really impressed by the results, but I could do without the mess, so I turned to this cream.

Kiehl's creamy eye treatment best beauty products

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I don’t use foundation daily, but I do apply this on my skin every morning: La Roche-Posay Effaclar Tinted Unifying Correcting Treatment for Skin with Imperfections and Hyperpigmentation.  The main element of all the brand’s products is La Roche-Posay Thermal Water, which has antioxidant and therapeutic properties to instantly soothe sensitive and irritated skin. I love the fact that it has a hint of color, so in my book, this is the go-to BB cream for my daily needs.

Effaclar Duo best beauty profucts

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When I do have foundation needy days or occasions, my all time fav is this little fella, from the same brand that worked wonders for me: La Roche-Posay Toleriane Teint Fluid Foundation for Sensitive Skin SPF 25. Best for sensitive skin, high coverage that lasts all day long but does not feel like a mask and will not clog your pores. I trust it with the evilest spots and the great part comes at the end of the day: after you remove it, you can see that it was fighting them all along, and now they are smaller and all dried up.

LA ROCHE-POSAY Toleriane Teint Fluid Foundation for Sensitive Skin best foundation best beauty products

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Magic Mandatory Makeup

I’ve only listed the very best daily must-haves products. I love makeup since as long as I can remember and being the makeup junky that I am, I can’t leave the house without a concealer, a blush & mascara – daily makeup routine, for the no makeup look! I didn’t mention the eyeshadow pallets, no contouring kit/wand and no extras in this article since I pledged to give you the bare minimums this time.

Hi, my name is Maria & I have dark circles,” says my face every morning and begs me to look for this little number: Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Concealer. A bestselling must for both makeup artists & supermodels, it really is all that it’s cracked up to be: no sign of fatigue and luminous skin at hand! I use it as a highlighter and for contouring as well, so I never am caught without it.

Best concealer Touche eclat yves saint laurent

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I am a blush addict, it’s the single most important trick towards looking fresh at any hour, night or day, winter, summer, it doesn’t matter. We all crave that healthy glow and I am a fan of shimmer –  probably should have mentioned that sooner, I guess. Bobbi Brown Blush or Powder Blush from MAC are my current choices, but I usually try a lot and end up choosing something that has “backed” or “shimmer” in the name of the color. Bobby Brown has the really light white shimmery color that I use as a highlight as well, so I can multiple purpose the heck out of it!

BOBBI BROWN Blush best blush best beauty products

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The Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara is my BFF when it comes to lovely endless lashes! The packaging is so cute, the brush has a natural curved shape to it since it was inspired by the female body, so it can tend to your every eyelash. It adds volume, intense body and length and will make you love it from day one.

Too Faced Better than sex mascara best mascara best beauty products

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I’ve included my new fav lipsticks in order to complete the “ready to go out in the morning” routine and essential buys for a fresh sultry look. I am red lipstick type of girl and so I turn to NARS Velvet Lip Glide fuchsia or raspberry red or any of the shades from the SEPHORA COLLECTION – Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick. They are long lasting formulas that don’t dry up on your lips or make them sticky, and the pigments just work with my skin tanned tone.

Nars lip glide best lipstick best beauty products

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Sephora cream lip stain best lipstick best beauty products

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